The workshop is designed for anyone who loves photography, whether budding amateur or seasoned professional. It is divided roughly into three parts: The first part is an in-depth theoretical and practical explanation of my working methods and philosophy of both nude photography and photography in general. The second part is the ‘hands on’ section, where participants are given the chance to work with professional female and male models, and, with the technical support of our team (including the very latest cameras and lenses from CANON, and flash equipment from HENSEL), are encouraged to let their creativity loose in series of studio and/or location settings. Finally, the third part is selection and post-production, a vital aspect of digital photography. Here we are aided vastly by the support of EIZO, who provide monitors for each participant, DATACOLOR, who calibrate the monitors, HAHNEMÜHLE who supply us with printing paper, and CANON again, who provide the printer. This vital technical support, assures that the conditions under which the participants work is as close to my own professional standards as possible.

I have been teaching photographic workshops for eleven years, but am still amazed at how much participants develop in both skill and confidence during this one intense week.

Please note that although the entire crew speak German, owing to the international mix of participants, my workshop lectures are given in English.

Look forward to seeing you there!

 Andreas H. Bitesnich